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Sally Scarborough
27 November 2019 | Sally Scarborough

5 festive foods we can't live without in the silly season

As the festive season rolls around, the days get longer (and warmer) and I often find that I’m looking for quick and easy recipes to pop on the table for impromptu Friday afternoon drinks or even a more casual Saturday or Sunday get-together with friends. We’ve tried to take some of the hard work out of your festive planning by putting together what you might see on the Scarborough festive table. It’s a mix of some of Merralea’s most delicious recipes and some true Aussie classics. 

We recommend popping it all on the table with some delicious Scarborough wines of course and letting everyone help themselves.


Your favourite Cheeses: when it comes to cheeses it really is all about your own personal choice. In the picture above we have a couple Scarborough family favourite cheeses. Reypenaer, Comté, Chabichon du Pitou and a triple cream with truffles is always a very decadent touch.

Summer Figs are one item that if you take advantage of the tiny window when they are in season and not stupidly expensive, that's a perfect addition to any festive table. With cheese or even just on their own they are just fabulous this time of year. Another delicious way to serve figs is wrapped in prosciutto and then oven baked. It is truly delicious and very decadent.


Freshly shucked oysters: If you are a fan freshly shucked oysters is one of the most insanely delicious things. Served with just a little squeeze of lemon they are good, but if you want to step up your oyster game just that little bit more, un-cap a bottle of delicious young Hunter Valley Semillon and pour a capful into your oyster'll never eat oysters without Semillon ever again.

And of course the wines that we have featured here are:

Serve the terrine with our Yellow Label Chardonnay

With a light yellow hue and a luscious texture this Chardonnay is the ideal match for the terrine. With vanilla oak, peach and citrus notes, this has a long finish with a natural acid line that cuts through the richness in this dish.


Serve the Gravlax with our Offshoot Pinot Noir Rosé

Strawberries abound on the nose and in the mouth of our Rosé. Its creamy, more-ish texture and dry, clean finish makes it the ideal partner for the gravlax.


Serve the oysters with our Green Label Semillon

With a green hue and a nicely textured with lime and lemon intensity, some zesty freshness, and a long finish that drinks well on release and for up to two years.



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5 festive foods we can't live without in the silly season