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Scarborough Wine Co Hunter Valley Vineyards 

Scarborough Wine Vineyard

There’s an old saying that great wine starts in the vineyards. It has never been truer. We talk a lot about dirt when we’re making wine because the different soil profiles have a profound influence on the flavours of the wines we produce.

Soil health has become a trendy topic in recent years, and as sustainability and biodiversity become more the norm, we are always looking to learn about new viticulture methods to ensure the resilience of our vineyards.

As we’ve found in recent years, Mother Nature can often throw challenges our way. Yes, we’re talking about you, drought, floods and bushfires! That means we need to balance our desires for best practice with whatever weather event we’re having to contend with at the time. For us, it’s about making incremental changes in the vineyards – we believe in progress over perfection. We are open-minded and constantly trial new initiatives in the vineyard to ensure the quality of the wine and the future of our vineyards.

The vineyards are of huge importance in the evolution of our wines, as is the stewardship of these sites. “We see individual grapevines more than we do our children!” says Jerome Scarborough. “Our vineyards are a special place – a playground for Liz and I to test and trial new things.”

We’re down-to-earth in our approach. Sustainable viticulture is not just about the now, it’s about putting things in place for the next generation. “We only get one shot each season,” Jerome says. “That means you need to park your ego at the door and do what’s best for vineyard, fruit, wine, company and, most importantly, the family.” Our viticultural toolkit continues to evolve and our exposure to a range of different regions through Liz’s consulting and board roles means we are often exposed to best practices that we can test and learn from.

Take a moment and come on a virtual stroll with us as we explain what makes our Scarborough Wine Co vineyards so special…


Scarborough Wine Co Gillards Road Vineyard

Gillards Road

This place means the world to our family – our original vineyard, planted in the early 1980s. Many who have visited our Cellar Door would have been witness to the evolution of this beautiful piece of the Hunter Valley. The distinctive red Terra Rossa soils and hillside aspect make it a picture-perfect location to grow our chardonnay and pinot noir.

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Scarborough Wine Co The Cottage Vineyard

The Cottage Vineyard

Exceptional semillon? You’ll find it here. The distinctive sandy soils of the Cottage Vineyard create the optimum conditions for growing this much-loved Hunter varietal. It’s a special site in the Hunter Valley that’s also allowing us to produce a distinctive style of chardonnay and provide a playground for future innovation.

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Scarborough Wine Co Hermitage Road Vineyard

Hermitage Road

The vista from our winery on Hermitage Road is hard to beat. From here, you can admire the spectacular Hermitage Road vineyards surrounding the property – a stunning sight all year round. A mix of traditional chardonnay is planted here, as well as new varietals and clones. This site has a raft of different soil types and characteristics. It gives us so much diversity and the chance to try out new techniques within this unique vineyard ecosystem.

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Scarborough Wine Co Ogilvie's View Vineyard

Ogilvie’s View

A distinctive site located in the Upper Hunter, Ogilvie’s View has been the source of award-winning chardonnay for many of Australia’s best-known wine brands. Now the site is home to our vermentino and chardonnay. A 68km drive from our Gillards Road homestead, this magnificent vineyard gives us a variety of winemaking options. Truly spectacular! Liz Riley explains why this site is so special.

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Scarborough Wine Co Old North Road Vineyard

Old North Road

This site was planted in the early 2000s and is the perfect place to source fruit for our shiraz. The milk chocolate clay soils are very different from our other vineyard sites and provide us with the ability to grow shiraz, Australia’s most popular grape variety.

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