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Old North Road Vineyard

The Old North Road Vineyard is away from the mountains and provides a very different soil profile to our other vineyards. Here, the soil is a milk chocolate clay, much tighter in consistency than we see at Gillards Road. There’s a buckshot component that sits on top, a high-magnesium soil that we add a small part of gypsum to in order to get the ratios right.

Key Facts:

Soil type: milk chocolate clay

Size of vineyard: 2.5ha

Elevation: 72m

Vine/ Row Orientation: the vines run north to south

Varietals planted: shiraz

Scarborough wines produced:  The Obsessive Shiraz, Black Label Shiraz

Fun fact you may not know: This small vineyard produces some exceptional shiraz fruit, mostly reserved for The Obsessive Shiraz.


Get Down and Dirty: All you need to know about Old North Road Vineyard 

This vineyard was first planted in the early 2000s and it’s where we source much of our Shiraz. We spur-prune this vineyard and it grows beautifully. We lift the canopy as the season grows, with a lovely mid-row that we side-slash. This is a great performing block that produces exceptional fruit.

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Old North Road