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Scarborough Wine Club FAQs

Can I change my wine selection?
You can either change your wine selection by logging into your account online, by giving us a call or getting in touch via email.

Can I update my own details?
You can make updates to your details by logging into your account online, by giving us a call or getting in touch via email.

What is the cost of delivery?
Wine Club members receive free freight Australia-wide and a bonus bottle with each dozen.

When will I receive my Wine Club shipment?
Our shipments occur twice yearly  - April & September. If you are a member of Scarbie’s Inner Circle dispatches occur every 8 weeks.

Can I increase the frequency of my wine deliveries?
Yes! Whatever frequency suits your lifestyle can be catered for, on top of the two set dispatches per year in April and September. Just get in touch with us to arrange.

How do I receive my discount on purchases other than Wine Club?
To ensure you receive your wine club discount on additional purchases, you must be logged in to your account. If you can’t remember your details, you can request a password reset here. Please note, if your membership is on hold, your wine club benefits (discount and free shipping) will not apply for the duration of the hold.

Can I purchase a Wine Club membership as a gift?
Absolutely! The best way to go about a gift membership is to get in touch with our Wine Club team. Alternatively, we do offer gift vouchers on the online store. 

Can I skip this shipment?
If you need to skip a shipment due to a holiday, financial or personal reasons, we’re happy to help. Get in touch with our Wine Club team and we’d be more than happy to put a skip in place for you.

Why don’t my bonus bottle/s show up in my cart/on invoice? 
The bonus bottle/s are something that we always add from our end of the dispatch process, so whilst you will not see them in your cart or on your invoice, please be assured that we will add them for you.

Why have I received my bonus bottle/s and not my dozen?
‘Split’ deliveries are quite common with Australia Post, and it is often the case that they may have space on a smaller, different truck for you bonus bottle box, so it will sometimes be delivered on a different day or at a different time to your dozen. We track our dispatches daily, and we endeavour to advise you of any split, delayed or damaged consignments.

How do I cancel my membership?
Give us a call or get in touch via email and we can facilitate the cancellation of your membership. Please note, the minimum commitment of your Wine Club membership is 2 dozen.


Frequently Asked Questions