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Sally Scarborough
2 May 2024 | Sally Scarborough

How To Host a Wine Tasting

Are you eager to explore the world of wine but need help knowing where to start? Keen to try some new wines or get involved in a fun experience with family and friends? Hosting a wine tasting at home is the perfect solution.

With our 100ml tasting format bottles, you can now enjoy a diverse selection of wines without breaking the bank or committing to full-sized bottles. In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to host a memorable wine-tasting experience in the comfort of your own home.

Why Use 100ml Tasting Format Bottles?

There are numerous ways to host a tasting at home, from raiding the cellar and delving into a back vintage wine to asking guests to bring a bottle with a story. Perhaps you’ve visited your local bottle shop and stocked up on some varietals you’ve not yet tasted. Just get involved; there are no defined rules.

The tasting format is changing with new technology, allowing wine lovers to taste and sample a range of wines conveniently without compromising the quality. Scarborough Wine Co. is currently trialling the use of the Coravin Vinitas Coravin Vinitas machine to provide further choice to consumers taste their way through our Hunter Valley Chardonnay Collection.

Our Yellow Label Chardonnay may well be a firm favourite with many wine lovers, but why not taste what other Chardonnays including our Super Premium Keepers of the Flame tastes like too?

Before we delve into the details of hosting a wine tasting, let's discuss why 100ml tasting format bottles are the ideal choice:

  1. Taste a Range: With 100ml bottles, you can offer a wide range of wines without purchasing full-sized bottles. This allows you and your guests to explore different styles, winemaking techniques and see the impact of various soils in a single tasting session.
  2. Cost-Effective: 100ml bottles is more budget-friendly than purchasing full-sized bottles, especially when sampling multiple wines. It's a cost-effective way to discover premium wines without overspending.
  3. Preservation: Since 100ml bottles are smaller, they minimise the risk of wine oxidation, especially using the innovative Coravin Vinitas closure system. This means you can open several bottles without worrying about them going to waste, ensuring that each wine tastes as fresh as possible.
  4. Convenience: The compact size of 100ml bottles (approx. 1 standard drink) makes them easy to handle and pour, making the tasting process smoother and more efficient.

Scarborough’s Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting a Wine Tasting

Now that you understand the benefits of the new 100ml tasting format bottles, here are some tips on how to host a successful wine tasting at home:

  1. Gather your guests: It could be an intimate date night with a partner or a gathering with friends. Wine is best enjoyed with great company, so get texting and start gathering some friends – there’s a chardy party waiting to happen.
  2. Curate Your Wine Selection: Gather your Scarborough Chardonnay Lover’s Disovery Collection or purchase a variety of wines that align with your chosen theme.
  3. Set Up the Tasting Area: Arrange the tasting area with glasses, spittoons (if desired), and water for palate cleansing and responsible servings. The glass makes a difference for professionals tasting wine, with glasses like Riedel or Plumm helping to enhance the aromas and flavours. If you don’t have these specific glasses, use what you have available.
  4. Organise some food: At our Scarborough Hunter Valley Cellar Door we serve our wine with a selection of local cheese like the tasty options from Binnorie Dairy and Hunter Belle but anything goes. You could do the tasting over dinner, with dips and chips or small bites. If you need some inspiration, you'll find some of our favourite recipes here.
  5. Pour and Taste: Start pouring the wines in the suggested order, typically beginning with the lightest style first. Usually, white wine would be tasted before red wine as the tannins and generally higher alcohol or reds will have an impact on your ability to taste the more elegant white wines. Encourage your guests to engage their senses by observing the wine's appearance, smelling the aromas, and taking in the flavours.
  6. Have a Chat: Compare and contrast the wines with your guests by encouraging them to share their thoughts and opinions on each wine. Discuss the characteristics they enjoy and any differences they notice between the wines.
  7. Rate and Rank: Wine is a personal preference, and what you enjoy may not be the same as your friends. Provide an opportunity for guests to rate each wine and rank their favourites. This adds a fun, competitive element to the tasting.
  8. Have Fun: Above all, remember that wine tasting is meant to be enjoyable and educational. Relax, have fun, and savour the experience with your guests!

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Cheers to the wonderful world of wine!

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How To Host a Wine Tasting