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Sally Scarborough
7 March 2021 | Sally Scarborough

Wine and Chocolate matching

The best wine and chocolate matches from our favourite local chocolate shop.

The time for eating excessive amounts of chocolate is just around the corner, and so we thought what better way to celebrate this upcoming time than to spend part of our day this week to investigate that burning question that we all have these holidays – what chocolate best matches with what wine?

Well, this may not be a burning question for you, but we thought it would be fun to try and work it out and I can say that I didn’t have any shortage of staff volunteering to help me out with this one…

We decided that we would source some delicious local chocolates from Cocoa Nib which is located on Hermitage Rd.

So, firstly as a disclaimer, might I just say that we think that all chocolate and wine should be eaten and drunk together in whatever way might tickle your fancy, but, if you’re wanting to be a little more cerebral about it then let us guide you. We will start from the lightest styles and work our way through to the more complex.

Offshoot Tempranillo Rosé with Red Berry Bark (White): The sweetness of the red berries in this white chocolate just helps to highlight the raspberry and rose petal characters of our delicious Offshoot Tempranillo Rosé.

Offshoot Chardonnay with Popcorn & Pecan Crunch (Dark): The sweetness of the popcorn and pecan crunch really contrasted with the fresh acidity of this new release Offshoot Chardonnay.

Late Harvest Semillon with Cranberry Coconut Butter Crunch (Milk): This chocolate was a real surprise to us. It has a delicious butter/toffee praline in between two layers of white chocolate and then topped with some cranberries and toasted coconut. This was delicious with our luscious Late Harvest Semillon.

Museum Release 'The Obsessive' Chardonnay with Spiced Dulce Pecan: If you are going to treat yourself to one particular chocolate this Easter when you are in the Hunter, then we would really reccommend this one. There is a gorgeous spice, pecan and salt balance that was just delicious with our 2016 Museum Release 'The Obsessive' Chardonnay – MIND BLOWN. This wine isn't available online but you can purchase our Museum Releases directly at the Cellar Door.

Vintage Blend Pinot Noir with Raspberry & Peanut Crunch (Milk): This match with our Vintage Blend Pinot Noir was a bit of a no-brainer, the sweet little pops of freeze dried raspberries on the top of the chocolate created a really tasty synergy between the red berry fruit flavours of our ever popular Pinot Noir – it really set off the sweeter fruit characters and was frankly quite moorish.

Offshoot Red Blend with Blueberry & Coconut (Dark): This Merlot predominant blend works really well with the darkness of this chocolate. There is a real tannin dryness to this dark chocolate so the juiciness of this Red Blend contrasts really well and the hints of blueberry just brings it all together.

Museum Release Black Label Shiraz with Sour Cherry & Coconut (Milk): This match was a real surprise. The 2013 Black Label Shiraz is lots of lovely stewed red stone fruits and spice - enter sour cherry. The sour really just elevates the flavours of this Shiraz and gives the palate a decidedly lingering length - so good.

'The Obsessive' Shiraz with Almond & Seasalt Dark: The nutty oak characters in ‘The Obsessive’ Shiraz is the perfect accompaniment to the roasted almonds and the sprinkle of sea salt really takes it to next level. Could possibly have been the favourite chocolate and wine match of the day...

So, all in all, we all decided that there is a such thing as a chocolate and wine matching, but we also think you should just enjoy a glass of wine and some quality Hunter Valley chocolates anytime you want, don’t just wait for Easter…


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Wine and Chocolate matching