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Sally Scarborough
20 September 2021 | Sally Scarborough

Top tips to stay sane during lockdown from our Team

We often chat virtually and sometimes even in person here at Scarborough about the things that bring joy into our lives while we are in lockdown. Sometimes these are just small things that we do once in a while, others are new routines that we’ve put in place to help get a little balance or a little bit of a treat – either way, this is what some of our staff are doing to fill those hours of lockdown. We've also included a list of our favourite podcasts if you're looking for some Podcast inspo 

Sally Scarborough: I have my lockdown tips clearly split into 2 categories; keeping sane and treating myself because life is all about balance…

  • Morning stretches: This is just about 10 mins of stretches I do before anything else
  • As much sleep as possible: Lets face it there is no FOMO going on at the moment so why not take yourself off to bed earlier than you normally would
  • Fire-pits and FaceTime: Weather permitting I light up the firepit on Friday and Saturday nights and call and FaceTime family and friends
  • All Day breakfast: I can’t tell you enough how much joy this brings our house; we don’t do it every weekend but when we do it is the best and in the wise words of the amazing Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation) “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?”

Podcast tips: 

The Fader Uncovered with Mark Ronson: The FADER Uncovered is a series of in-depth conversations with the world’s most impactful musicians

You're wrong about: Mike and Sarah are journalists obsessed with the past. Every week they reconsider an event, person or phenomenon that’s been miscast in the public imagination.

Everybody Knows: A five-part investigative series examining the rise and fall of the MeToo movement in Australia, and what it will take for things to finally change.

Liz Riley Viticulturalist

  • Jigsaws
  • Fire pit and cards with son Callum
  • Trying new recipes – big fan of Recipe Tin Eats
  • Cooking with all my veggie garden produce – specifically how many ways to use citrus!!!
  • Lots of gardening – the veggie patch has never looked so good.

Judy - Personal Assistant

  • Try a new recipe or recipes
  • Organise your photos – digitise if possible
  • Unsubscribe from all those unwanted emails <- This is so brilliant, the perfect time to unsubscribe or spend 5 mins every day for the rest of your life deleting unwanted emails 😊

Ellen – Cellar Door Operations

  • Virtual Drag Queen Bingo with Timberlina - #1 on my list – such an awesome opportunity to make up a cheese board and crack open a wine, and socialise with friends virtually
  • I’ve been upping my creative output with the sewing machine making masks & scrunchies
  • Scheduling ‘Sunday afternoon drinks’ via Facetime with some friends which has been lovely

Melissa – Wine Club Manager

  • “Spa Day Saturdays”
  • Movie marathons on the weekends

Melissa– Marketing and Events Executive

  • Gardening - now is the perfect time to plant some seedlings
  • Cooking all those things you just never get around to 
  • Share the love if you're able, ie send some surprise gifts to your friends in lockdown or do a 'drop and run' of some home baked goodies

Podcast Tips

Australian True Crime: Go beyond the news cycle to find out how people become killers, how people become victims, and what happens next.






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Top tips to stay sane during lockdown from our Team