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Sally Scarborough
23 October 2013 | Sally Scarborough

Perfect Match - Semillon and Seafood

Hunter Valley Semillon is a perfect match to seafood. Whether it is a light, fresh and zippy younger Hunter Valley Semillon or an aged style showing more complex and oily characters seafood is what’s needed.

There is always that classic match of Semillon and freshly shucked oysters  but one of my favourite food matches with a young and fresh Hunter Valley Semillon is ceviche.

A really easy ceviche recipe that I have used quite a few times over the years is from good old Jamie Oliver with his Asian Style Tuna Cevichebut really when it comes to ceviche it is just having an understanding of the basic elements that make a ceviche and then you can come up with all kinds of flavour combinations. Click here to check out the recipe.

Ceviche is basically raw fish (sashimi grade) or you can also use any shellfish (or any seafood at that) which is then marinated in citrus juice (lemon or lime) and the acid in the citrus juice coagulates the proteins in the fish, effectively cooking it. If you are a fan of sashimi I definitely recommend trying it out, but make sure you always serve it not long after preparation as the seafood will begin to ‘cook’ almost immediately.

I would recommend trying our 2013 Green Label Semillon with this ceviche. As the wine is a more flavourful expression of young Hunter Valley Semillon the herbaceous characters work really well with the Asian flavours and also the crunch of the lettuce with the zippy acid cutting nicely through the little bit of heat from the chilli. 


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Perfect Match - Semillon and Seafood