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Sally Scarborough
30 October 2014 | Sally Scarborough

Out in the vineyard: giving the vines a little lift

Our Hunter Valley Winery vineyard on Gillards Rd has had a little face lift today – or a wire lift to be exact.

We had our fabulous Scarborough team out in the vineyard earlier today lifting wires…but why I hear you ask??

In Spring the vines can be very vigorous in their growth so by lifting the wires that are on the vineyard posts we are able to keep the growth of the new shoots under control and also make sure that the shoots aren’t weighed down with fruit as we get further into the growing season.

 We use a trellis system where the vine grows vertically off the ground and then splits in two, running along the wire fixed to the posts.  At this time of year the shoots tend to grow horizontally so lifting the wires ensures that the shoots are contained within the wires.

This relatively simple vineyard task ensures that Scarbie’s vineyard is neat and tidy – just like he likes it.


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Out in the vineyard: giving the vines a little lift