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Sally Scarborough
3 December 2018 | Sally Scarborough

Our Offshoot Range - what is it all about?

For many years, Ian and Merralea Scarborough have been the driving force behind the wines you’ve grown to love. When it all began 30 years ago, Chardonnay was the main pillar of Scarborough Wine Co. It still is today. Our Yellow Label Chardonnay remains one of the most popular wines in Australia.


But like all good businesses, Offshoots spring from original plans. Why branch out? As a family we feel it’s important to stay ahead of the trends and deliver what our customers want before they realise they want it.


One of the factors we believe is important is this process innovation. Ian and Merralea’s children, Winemaker Jerome and National Sales & Marketing Manager Sally, have been pushing forward with Offshoot ideas from the first days of their involvement in the business, but they have always remained true to the inspiration of the Scarborough Wine Co.


So allow us to introduce you to Scarborough’s Offshoot range of wines, featuring a Verdelho, Pinot Noir Rosé, Vermentino and Red Blend. These wines spring from Jerome’s experimentations with fresh varieties – new growth off the original plant, promising thrilling flavours while staying true to the Scarborough story.

Why the call of nature?

The wines are bound in whimsical new labels worked on by Sally – the curious creatures on our Offshoot label are an integral part of the success of Scarborough’s business. Without these delightful flora and fauna working together in our vineyards, the fragile ecosystem that keeps these vines alive would not thrive like it does, allowing us to craft the Scarborough wines you love.



1. a branch or lateral shoot from a main stem, as of a plant.

2. anything conceived of as springing or proceeding from a main stock:

an offshoot of a discussion.

3. a branch, descendant, or scion of a specific population or family.


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Our Offshoot Range - what is it all about?