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Melissa Lomas
15 July 2019 | Melissa Lomas

2019 Vintage Wrap Up

The 2018-19 growing season for the Hunter Valley was perfect on paper, but as always came with a series of challenges. From August to January we saw 70% of our normal rainfall for the period, with the daily maximum temperatures 2-3 degrees above average. Fortunately though, we had enough strategic rainfall to nurse the vines through their critical growth points. Ian and Jerome worked hard to ensure that adequate irrigation was supplied to the vines to keep the grapes plump and flavoursome until they were safely harvested and into the winery. 

Budburst occurred at the average time of the first week of September, the weather although warmer than normal was calm and allowed for good growth of shoots and leaves. Flowering came slightly early in the first week of November and with mild, sunny weather this resulted in good fruit set. The beginning of harvest almost timed to normal, picking our first fruit on 20th January. Green Label Semillon was first, followed quickly by first picked Chardonnay on 21st January, through to 31st January. We had a small gap and then Shiraz and Vermentino were picked on 12th February, completing the harvest.

A successful vintage in the Hunter, the 2019 Scarborough vintage was also a special year for us. Callum joined Ian and Jerome in the winery, and we had three generations of Scarborough men involved in making our 2019 wines.

Our 2019 Verdelho, Semillon and Pinot Noir Rosé are all in bottle, with our Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz maturing in oak. Our 2019 Verdelho has been released, and our next release from the 2019 vintage will be our Pinot Noir Rosé in mid August, just in time for Spring.


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2019 Vintage Wrap Up