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Sally Scarborough
1 January 2014 | Sally Scarborough

#5 - New Ears Rock - soundtrack for NYE13

Everyone needs a rock in their life...and I don't mean friends (although they are great) I mean rock and roll! This is it, the rock playlist you've been hangin out for, Queen, The Beatles, The Troggs, Clap your hands say Yeah, AC/DC and Led Zepplin!

It's a great mix and perfect way to finish off our soundtracks for your NYE13 - with a bang and some smashing riffs.

Thanks once again to our fabulous friend Mr Jack Shit for putting together these fantastically ecclectic and hip shaking playlists - please check him out at or on Radio National's Friday Drive or hosting FBi's orignal free-form fiasco, Jack off, each Saturday afternoon.



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#5 - New Ears Rock - soundtrack for NYE13