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Sally Scarborough
13 April 2018 | Sally Scarborough

Top takeaway options in the Hunter Valley

There are so many great restaurants to head out to when you're in the Hunter, but what if you're just needing the simplicity of takeaway?  Continue »

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Sally Scarborough
21 March 2018 | Sally Scarborough

Top activities for the kids in the Hunter Valley

Heading to the Hunter Valley these school holidays? We’ve got some great tips & a few insider secrets to keep the kids entertained.  Continue »

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Liz Riley
27 February 2018 | Liz Riley

2018 Scarborough Vintage

Vintage 2018 was a special vintage in our Scarby Junior household with 17 year old Callum joining the vintage fray.  Continue »

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Sally Scarborough
11 October 2017 | Sally Scarborough

Our Home. Your Wine - what does this mean?

When Ian and Merralea first opened the doors to their Scarborough Wine Co. Cellar Door in 1990, they effectively invited visitors into a room in their own home.  Continue »

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Sally Scarborough
23 September 2017 | Sally Scarborough

Cellar Door Tasting experience

Scarborough’s cellar doors are a natural extension of the Scarborough family home  Continue »

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Sally Scarborough
7 September 2017 | Sally Scarborough

The people behind Scarborough Wine Co.

Scarborough Wine Co. has always been a family business – we love keeping the focus small, and the hospitality we extend to cellar door visitors is extended to our staff members who keep the business buzzing.  Continue »

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Sally Scarborough
31 August 2017 | Sally Scarborough

Top 5 Things to do in the Hunter Valley (apart from wine tasting of course)

Wine tasting may be the obvious activity in the Hunter Valley but there are so many other great things to do in our exciting NSW region.  Continue »

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Sally Scarborough
16 August 2017 | Sally Scarborough

Introducing our Offshoot Range

Recently we’ve spent a fair amount of time looking to the future. What is the path ahead for our Hunter Valley winery? How do we keep our loyal fans happy and bring new wine drinkers into the Scarborough family?  Continue »

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Sally Scarborough
6 August 2017 | Sally Scarborough

Sally Scarborough's Innovating Ways

Discover how Sally Scarborough has brought this Hunter Valley winery into the 21st Century  Continue »

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Sally Scarborough
28 July 2017 | Sally Scarborough

Scarborough's Foodie Connection

Here we introduce you to Andy Wright, Scarborough’s foodie mate behind the Hunter Valley’s popular The Cellar Restaurant.  Continue »

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